GIF: Alan Pardew head butts Hull City Player, Meyler

Football officials, players, coaches etc have been talking about respect in football. About how players should play a fair game, show respect to their opponents, and the usual jazz. You know the drill.

But what when a manager himself lacks this ‘respect’ ?

Now we’ve all see players simulate the smallest of touches into overexaggerated reactions. Bring your head close to an opponent and bang, he’ll go down like a stack of cards.

Alan Pardew, Newcastle United manager, was guilty of just this. With his side 3-1 up away to Hull City, an incident involving Meyler led to a head butt of sorts, which the player (to be fair) didn’t make much of. But the incident was enough for the referee to send the manager off. Not much in this, but a funny sort of incident that is bound to go viral.

Pardew just can’t get some rest can he? Finally back to winning ways and the footballsphere will be making a mockery out of him for the coming weeks.

This GIF first appeared on reddit.

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