Top 10: Global brands take advantage of Luis Suarez’ bite

If you weren’t around your television screens, social media profiles or just away from society in general, you probably didn’t know that Luis Suarez did it again. No he didn’t save Uruguay once more, no incredible goal, no free-kick nothing. No, Luis Suarez did something for the third time in his career – he bit a fellow professional footballer at the highest level of the sport. Otman Bakkal & Branislav Ivanovic are joined by Giorgio Chiellini in the list of Suarez’ biting victims. Now it remains unclear what sort of punishment the striker will be handed but fans on social media were quick to offer their opinion.

Along with these comments, quick witted brands took advantage of the incident to promote their own products and offers, or merely provide their own opinion. As the incident became more and more popular, many brands joined in to the trend (and my god was this trending!), but we’ve picked out 10 of the best and biggest names who offered their messages on Twitter. Check it out:

(Note that Twitter’s embedding doesn’t seem to be working again, for the second time in the last month or so, we’ve hence posted images along with the tweets)

10) Paddy Power and the Panini Sticker



9) Trident Gum keeping it simple



8) Here’s how you open a bottle of Bud Light

Suarez_BudLight (1)



7) Clever puns from TGI Fridays


Suarez_TGIF (1)


6) Listerine’s message, in public interest


Suarez_Listerine (1)


5) That does seem like a good solution from Nando’s


Suarez_Nandos (1)


4) Well played Major League Baseball

Suarez_MLB (1)


3) Did Suarez not know of Dominos’ offer?


Suarez_Dominos (1)


2) The first to join it the banter, McDonald’s Uruguay



1) A clever but simple solution from Snickers


Suarez_Snickers (1)

Do you know of another brand that joined in? Let us know with a comment below !


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