Luis Suarez’ biting incident has given rise to a new Pac-Man inspired game

Yes, Luis Suarez did it again. He went ahead and bit another professional football for a third time in his career. With Social Media going crazy with jokes, banter and outright anger, brands have scrambled to use the incident for their own marketing goals. And now, as any famous incident does, a video game has been made inspired by the incident and Pac-Man. The creators of the game are Amsterdam based, ACHTUNG! Amsterdam is ofcourse the venue of Suarez’ first biting incident.

The game, like Pac-Man, involves Luis Suarez who has three lives to save himself from four red-card brandishing referees while eating tiny Giorgio Chiellini faces. The game, aptly named Biteman, can be played here. Or you could enjoy this excellently made vine as a sneak peak of the game.


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