Brand new Android game released commemorating Luis Suarez’ biting spree

If you’ve missed what’s gone on this past week or so in the World of football, besides Uruguay knocking Italy out and eventually getting knocked out themselves, Luis Suarez for the third time bit another fellow professional. He has since been banned, criticsised, backed, issued an apology, been afforded one by the victim (Chiellini), featured in the rumour mills and widely taken advantage of by marketers for their campaigns.

Buried in all this is another clever ‘creation’ after a PacMan inspired game coming out of the infamous incident. Blue Bamboo Studios have released a brand new Android game, available here at the play store which has put Luis Suarez as the protagonist in a game he probably didn’t want to be featured in. Luis Suarez appears as the main character for “Zombie Suarez”, the point of which is to bite as many players as possible on the pitch while also attempting to engage in a spree of sorts. Some may find it hilarious, some may be angered by it, but no doubt Luis Suarez is the only one to blame here. And in all honesty, this does seem like fun.

Images | via Google Play Store


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