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NOTE: We’ve switched our Team Blogs feature and have remained it as Opinions on our homepage. The banner links below are no longer active. We apologise for the inconvenience. – OOTB Team 30th July, 2016.

This website has developed a bit of a USP for Tactical Analysis, Scout Reports and our successful Talent Radar feature. But the essence of independent blogging has always been the public voice and their chance to express an opinion on the beautiful game, opinions which often mainstream outlets tend to ignore. We’ve done this on the site, but felt we could do it on a more large scale appealing to all types of readers.

For the brand new 2014/15 season we are thus introducing club-specific team blogs which will appeal to the more creatively inclined; the section represents a chance to express yourself and your views on any footballing aspect. This is meant to be free-flowing and present to readers the point of view of the writer.

We’ve identified some of the top clubs to create team blogs specific to their affairs. You will not find any news articles, no pointless rumours, no match reports, or any of the modern blogging crap you see these days, but just opinions (often with a tinge of tactics & stats).

If you are interested in writing for any of these blogs mentioned below, then do get in touch here. If you feel there is a club whose blog we have unfairly excluded, then let us know and we can discuss setting up one and adding more to the existing list.

Cules' Corner

Dial Square

Echte Liebe

FC Hollywood

Maldini's Class

No Totti No Party

Read & White

Shankly's Men

The Devil's Advocate

The Invisible Men (2)

The Old Lady

The Royal Pages

This is Paris

Under the Bridge

The West Block Bengaluru FC football blog

Rest of the World

More on Outside of the Boot

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