John Terry takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Rafa Benitez!

A bit of background, for anyone that is wondering exactly what the ice bucket challenge is, as the name suggests it involves soaking oneself (or getting someone to do it) with an ice cold bucket of water. The trend is often called “ALS ice bucket challenge” (the prefix referring to ALS Association, a non-profit organisation). The basic challenge involves either pouring the bucket within 24 hours of being nominated or donating to charity. Though it doesn’t always land up that way, the challenge has gone viral and helped raise awareness for ALS. After the popularity of this act, ALS has raised $160,000 in ten days as opposed to $14,480 during the same period, a year back.

A whole host of celebrities and footballers alike have taken this challenge, as it has gone from popular to absolutely viral. John Terry is the latest in a long line of players to do so, all for a good cause.

Ashley Cole and Stylian Petrov nominated the Chelsea captain, the defender duly obliged and went on to nominate John Obi Mikel, ex-Chelsea teammate Frank Lampard, and in the most unlikely fashion, ex-Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez!

Thanks to @ashcoley3 and @stanpetrov for nominating me for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge I nominate #Mikel #Lamps #Rafa It’s for a great cause and I will also be donating.Good luck to everyone. JT


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