VIDEO: “Hugs for Torres” song is actually pretty catchy

Chelsea striker, Fernando Torres, has become pretty much the symbol of missed opportunities, fluffed chances and down right shite football. So much so that a chance that should have been buried but comically wasn’t, is commonly referred to as “a Torres”. There’s no going back for the Spanish striker now, that reputation is here to stick.

Comedian Jim Daly has released a video on YouTube, mocking Torres but also sending him heart-warming ‘hugs’. The “Hugs for Torres” song is actually pretty catchy, with well fitted words and a montage of his recent typical displays. “Hugs for Torres cause he’s playing shite” is my personal favourite; but there are plenty more fun-filled lyrics for a whole lot of Torres-mockery.

How long before this is spread across the globe and marketed for kids 4 and under? It’s got the nursery rhyme tune, it’s got the ‘happy’ factor, and above all, it teaches kids what not to grow up into.

Hugs for Torres indeed. You can check out Jim Daly’s YouTube channel here, and his website over here.


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