VIDEO | The Clash of the Classes: The Vienna Derby

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In our Viral Blog’s recent publishes, we’ve been across Europe, taking you to Switzerland for the Zuricher Derby as well as to Denmark for the Copenhagen Derby. In this episode, we take you to Austria where we go straight to the capital city of Vienna for the Vienna Derby.

A brief introduction on the Vienna Derby for those of you a little light on information: the Vienna Derby is played between Austria Vienna and Rapid Vienna. This is the most played derby in Europe apart from the Old Firm Derby in Scotland between Celtic and the Rangers. The Vienna Derby is just as heated off the pitch as it is on: the derby essentially is a representation of the classes in society, Rapid Vienna catering to the lower classes of society while Austria Vienna caters to the middle and upper sections of the society. You can imagine this as a major source from where all the passion pours in.

“You are not allowed to lose a Derby” – this is what is said by one of the fans in the video. Pretty straight forward from the looks of it. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, the Vienna Derby is unique and unlike other derbies. How? After multiple episodes of passionate fans going overboard for various reasons, the derby no longer entertains away fans. This may be done for the good but is quiet an experience playing in a stadium where you have zero support. This doesn’t stop fans from showing up outside the stadium as their teams carry out their final drills before the whistle is blown.

The video takes you through interviews of multiple fans belonging to both clubs, each with their own perspective of the derby and how important it is to them. The video first appeared on Copa90’s YouTube channel. Have a look: