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As we move into modern times, advertisements are being groomed more into the era they exist in rather than the traditional principles that entailed advertising. With the current era of hashtags, swag & banter, it was only a matter of time before brands caught up with the trend (and made a certain Don Draper look away in disgust).

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The very name of the campaign, combined with the hashtag screamed of cringe! But needing to prove doubters haters wrong, the latest video in a campaign that includes the likes of Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez, Adidas seemed to have pulled off a pretty neat Lionel Messi advertisement and received an all-round positive response.

While the video doesn’t include an extensive amount of content, besides a constant swapping of a plain-clothed Messi and an Adidas-sponsored Argentinian kit Messi, the message it sends is certainly effective.

There have been plenty of stories been told about how Lionel Messi was told at a young age he may not make it as a professional footballer; his small physique also thrown into question while his potential weakness aerially continues to hang around him. With a narrator taking us through the critical comments (or as Adidas have been forced to call it….haters) the Barcelona man has received over the years and prior to his date with professional football, one can’t help but realise the irony in the criticism. Messi has proved them wrong, and more, winning almost everything there is to do and achieving all that other professionals can only crave for even after retirement.

Personally the campaign is still cringey, undoubtedly, but Adidas have done a good job of leveraging it in their favour. Though other videos from the campaign may be attractive as well, none appear as effective as this one. The German based company have taken arguably one of the world’s greatest, and made him the face of taking on haters.

With Adidas’ purpose of this campaign being proving doubters wrong, this one in particular ticks all the right boxes.

Original video appeared on Adidas’ YouTube channel

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