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Jurgen Klopp has received a lot of attention in the last couple of weeks as he’s taken over the reigns at Liverpool. The excitement seems to circle around the results he’s obtained playing an exciting style of football. Krzysztof Sierocki focuses on a particular side of his game here.

Klopp Liverpool 2015-16

Gegenpressing is a term that has been overused in the last couple of weeks to the point that most have become experts on the tactic, and it’s probably going to be the latest addition to the English dictionary. While Klopp’s famous tactic may sound simple, it’s application involves the use of the mind a lot more than just the lungs and the legs.

Watching the video below will indicate a few of the different methods and systems that Klopp has his Liverpool players employ while they press Chelsea. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just about running hard, and running around a lot. You notice how they strategically choose the timing of their press to make it most effective, and how one player is targeted in order to ensure that Liverpool win the ball back. Moreover, the old adage of constricting space holds true, with Liverpool players reducing the space around their opponents with brutal efficiency to win the ball back.

Pressing is obviously a very effective tactic, but it cant just be used by any team that can run. To paraphrase Louis van Gaal, running is for animals. Football needs to be played and won in the head. The pressing show is the perfect example.

By Krzysztof Sierocki

Krzysztof Sierocki

Krzysztof is adept at analysis be it training sessions or games. Everything around football is interesting him. His work can be also be found on
Krzysztof Sierocki

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