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Recent months have seen the worsening of the ISIS problem, and a stream of refugees flowing out of Syria to escape the tidal wave of violence. With this, and recent terrorist attacks across the world as the backdrop, it is certainly encouraging to watch a video where a club consisting solely of refugees take on former players from the legendary club, Roma.

The video beautifully showcases the tale of Liberi Nantes, an effort to bind together and uplift the refugee population of Rome since 2007. It highlights the viewpoints of several people connected to the club, and the efforts that they made in order to ensure that such a historic moment for the club took place.

What’s clearly noticeable is the glint of joy and pride in the eyes of the players as they speak to the camera. It underlines the power that football, and sport in general, has over tragedy. Long may the spirit of Liberi Nantes drive our teams and our love for football!

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