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The group stage of the Champions League wrapped up this past week, and we now know which 16 teams from leagues around Europe will contend in the knock-out round. These remaining teams are highlighted at, and they’ll be the ones attracting attention from supporters across the globe over the course of the next several months. They’ll also be attracting interest from those who like to bet on the event, as many don’t jump into wagering until the knock-out round begins. Betting on football is huge all around the world, with many online betting sites existing such as this one sbobet online for example.

There are numerous ways of betting on the Champions League action from here on out, and several of them have been outlined at as a general primer that could refer to any year. If you want to bet on a mobile device, make sure you do so on the best gambling app. Below are the most common betting options, and the factors come into play for each one.


Tournament Winner

You can bet on a tournament winner for the Champions League at any point during the nearly year-long competition, but sometimes the clearest odds and choices are available once the field is narrowed to 16 teams heading into the knock-outs. And while there are often two or three teams that stand as clear favorites, choosing a winner has proven to be a tricky prospect in the past. Since the tournament’s rebranding in 1992, 13 different clubs have won. In that same span, no team has won twice in a row. One useful thing to keep in mind if you’re betting on a tournament winner, however, is that teams’ recent performances in their domestic leagues matter. In the last 20 years, 80% of UCL winners were either winners or runners-up in their own leagues in the previous season.

Top Goal Scorer

Betting on the top goal scorer is a practice that changes a great deal once the knock-out round is set. If you bet on the top goal scorer at the outset of the tournament, you’ll need to factor in the outlook for the team of the player you’re betting on. For example, in 2015/16 if you were to have bet on Wayne Rooney as the top goal scorer, your money would have been on a player without as many opportunities to score as others, given that Rooney’s Manchester United squad did not make it through the group stage. Thus, some choose to place top goal scorer bets only once the final round of 16 knock-out stage is set (though odds will of course have narrowed by this point).


The match-by-match option is fairly self-explanatory, as there are always options to place bets on individual contests within the UCL. It’s worth noting that there are periods of time during which no match-by-match betting options are available, such as in between the conclusion of the group stage and the beginning of the knock-outs, before the draw determining club pairings is done.

In-Play Betting

Some also elect to bet on events unfolding within a given match. This might mean which player will score next, which team will score the first or final goal, or even a decision about which team will win once the match has already begun. These bets are competitive due to rapidly updated odds that make up for the advantage of watching the match and seeing how it’s unfolding. For instance, if Barcelona is a 1/3 favorite to win a match and then goes up 2-1 by halftime, the odds will become far greater (and thus more difficult to profit on) by the second half.

Overall, the odds for Champions League betting tend to be very fluid given the different stages of the competition and the different opportunities that teams enjoy along the way. But these are the main areas of interest for those betting on the UCL, and all are still in play for the competition in 2015/16. For this year, a preview at explains the seeding process for the knock-out and lists December 14 as the date of the draw.

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