UK Licensed Bookmakers Are Always the Best Option for Betting On Football

Betting on football is now a worldwide phenomenon and more and more people are doing it. In the past whenever someone would mention betting or going to the bookies, the first thing that you would think of was horse racing. However, that has changed now and football betting worldwide is worth around one trillion dollars a year.

With the rise in popularity, there has also been a rise in illegal betting. Unlicensed bookmakers, both in the UK and worldwide, have been causing damage to the industry and pundits right from the start.  This becomes even more concerning when you realize that a large portion of football related betting transactions are carried out overseas in illegal markets, most of which are located in Asia.


There are several reasons however, why a punter should always choose the licensed bookmakers in the UK instead of the unlicensed ones.

Markets to bet on

When a person decides to bet on the illegal market they can only choose from several limited and traditional betting options, usually restricted to betting on one team winning, drawing or losing. In a day and age when we can follow the changes in every aspect of the game in minute by minute intervals, this is a real shame for betting enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the game to the fullest.

In contrast, when you decide to visit the local licensed bookie and place a bet, they offer you in excess of 200 different markets to bet on – quite the difference. You can bet on the correct score, the total number of goals, the first goal-scorer, the number of cards, penalties, corners and throw ins, the half-time score, the half-time/full time score, who scores the first goal, when the first goal is scored, and many more options.

Mobile betting

With the rise of the internet and smartphones, licensed bookmakers have managed to create mobile applications with which the punter has an immediate access to all odds, previews, analysis, and predictions. You can now place your bet on live matches from the comfort of your home, just with the touch of a screen. These applications are constantly being updated and give their users the best possible experience when placing a bet. Obviously, unlicensed bookmakers offer nothing similar to this.

The same thing is happening with licensed online casinos and unregulated black-market casinos. Because UK online casinos are regulated they offer the best casino bonuses and mobile options for all types of betting. Unlike them, illegal casinos offer a limited range of games, with poor security of transactions and no mobile options for betting.

Security of payments and transactions

Illegal betting syndicates often rely on offering punters better odds when trying to tempt them to place their bets in their establishments. However, this might turn out to be quite an arduous experience for the punter, since, unlike licensed bookmakers in the UK, the black betting market can never guarantee the security of your transaction and possible payment. There have been many people who have found out the hard way that making the right prediction doesn’t always mean making profit. In fact, if you are establishing a betting relationship with an unlicensed bookmaker, you are doing it based on mutual trust. There are no records of the transaction or the bet which you can use as proof of your winnings.

betting 2

Because UK bookmakers are regulated and licensed by the country’s government they pay taxes and revenue. Illegal bookmakers provide services for transactions which are not recorded and are unaccounted for. This in turn costs the government millions in lost tax and revenue and also harms all regulated businesses, including legal bookmakers.

Match fixing

And finally, if you love the game of football, you shouldn’t enter into the muddy waters of illegal football betting. Illegal betting markets in Asia are the prime culprit for match-fixing. This cancer has spread very quickly in professional football and if it continues it can destroy the game that we enjoy and love.