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Football career platform designs program that generates financial guidelines for agents and clubs looking to sign professional players.

Fieldoo, the football career network, announces the first training compensation calculator aimed at providing players and clubs with accurate and fair training reimbursement values as they sign players into professional leagues.

Fieldoo connects players with intermediaries, clubs and open positions to enhance professional opportunities in the football market. Using social media along player statistics, users find a free and extensive network that allows them to interact with all levels of the football industry to advance their careers.

“Our responsibility to the player does not end when they sign a professional contract,” says Klemen Hosta, Fieldoo’s CEO. “The training compensation calculator reinforces the transparency we want to create at every competitive level by providing an objective tool for professional contracts. With this, we continue to position ourselves as a point of reference for the football industry.”

Under FIFA regulations, training compensation is a financial reimbursement to a player’s training club(s) when they sign their first contract with a professional club and/or on each transfer until his/her 23rd birthday. The amount payable is calculated on a pro rata basis based on the training period spent with each club between the ages of 12 and 21. In the instance of subsequent transfers, compensation is owed to the former club for the time effectively trained at that location.

The training costs are designated for each of the six confederations under four categories of clubs based on the amount of financial investment and resources needed to train a player. The final amount is calculated by multiplying the financial value corresponding to the training category by the number of years of training provided between the ages of 12 – 21.

Intermediaries and clubs interested in using Fieldoo’s compensation calculator can find it at:

Reference: FIFA’s training compensation chart





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