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Euro 2016 Players Most Popular Social Media Accounts

We take a look at which footballers at the Euro 2016 seem to be the most sought after fan favorites on social media.

These days almost everyone is active on social media from politicians, to your grandma, so it is not surprising to see football players getting involved. There are so many options, too! From Instagram to Twitter to the newest platform – Clubhouse. You can read this article to research into how to get your follower count up! It is a way for them to connect with fans from all over the world. You don’t even have to be extremely well known to be popular on the likes of Instagram, you can use services like Growthoid in order to grow your following. The fans who look up to them every time they step out on the pitch. Even the younger players might give them a follow to learn from them. Most of the younger players might need to give their own image a boost by looking into organic growth services similar to, so they have a better chance of becoming just as popular as the footballers who they idolize. With that being said, let’s find out who are the most popular footballers on Twitter and Facebook.



With 43 million followers, Portugal and Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo has three times more than any other player at Euro 2016. This, in turn, means that he is also probably the wealthiest soccer player out there, as social media influencers are some of the most highly sought after employees of marketing companies the world over (click here for an example), who want to use their platform to leverage various products. Don’t be surprised if you see Ronaldo posing in the latest designer brands or casually holding a branded coffee cup.

While the majority of soccer players use Twitter to interact with their legion of fans, Ronaldo prefers to post revealing photographs in very short shorts, various modelling poses, and other acts of self-indulgence.

If you want to feast your eyes on Ronaldo’s chiselled torso or tanned thighs, then follow him today.

Germany and Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is another popular chap. His 11 million followers are spared photographs of him in his knickers, although they plenty of selfies are on offer, mixed in with a few – oddly for a German – funny quips.

Whenever Spain and Barcelona’s dashingly good-looking centre-half Gerard Pique sends a tweet it is received by 12.6 million followers, the majority of whom are (allegedly) hoping for a glimpse of his girlfriend Shakira. Not that we’ve scrolled down his timeline for several hours hoping for the same, but we can tell you there aren’t any images of the Colombian beauty.

Thankfully for England skipper Wayne Rooney’s 13.1 million Twitter followers, he keeps his kit on most of the time, and mostly tweets about soccer and the occasional boxing match. We’ve all already seen Shrek in the buff; we don’t need to see the Scouser in his smalls too.



Instead of allowing fans access to their personal Facebook pages, most soccer players and athletes choose to open a fan page instead.

One of the most popular on Mark Zuckerberg’s life-sapping site is Wales and Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale. His meteoric rise to fame has seen him gather a Facebook following of more than 26 million fans, a pretty incredible tally.

Bale, unlike many of his peers, seems to update his page himself, usually thanking fans for their support, or showing some images from his travels and action on the pitch. If only he’d post an update saying he’s cut off that ridiculous topknot haircut, then we’d all be delighted.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also hugely popular on Facebook with 112 million fans. Like his Twitter feed, Ronaldo’s Facebook page should come with a viewer-discretion warning. There’s too much flesh on show in our opinion, plus an unhealthy amount of self-promoting, but that is the Ronaldo we all love.

Germany and Bayern Munich midfielder Mario Götze has more than 10 million Facebook fans, most of whom are treated to a mixture of German and English updates, mostly from his travels as one of the world’s best footballers.

Like all soccer players, there’s the occasional self-promoting image, or one that is obviously part of a sponsorship deal, but Götze also seems to have a knack of capturing some humorous pics, usually at his teammates’ expense.

Find out all there is to know about the 2016 Euro Championships, including the full game schedule, standings, up-to-the-minute game betting lines and tips about how to bet on one of the most anticipated sports events of the year.


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