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It’s hard to imagine life without the wonders of the Internet. This multi-faceted colossus has become closely intertwined with our daily lives and its effect can be seen across a spectrum of areas ranging from social networking to a whole industry whose fortunes rely on the functioning of the World Wide Web. This advent is of course seen markedly in the world of online betting. Punters can even take advantage of expert tips on things like horse racing by going to With the Internet a near perfect tool to disseminate real time information to a massive audience, the rise of online betting was inevitable. Since its inception, there have been thousands of online betting companies and Online Casinos Austria that allow users to earn in a way that’s never been seen before. From real-time odds to in-game bets allowed at the click of a button, betting has experienced a massive overhaul over the past couple of decades. The infographic below from traces the boom in online betting and quantifies the evolution nicely.

The rise of online betting - Latest Betting SItes

The early years saw a steady rise with the first ever online wager placed on a game between Tottenham Hotspur and Hereford United; not exactly El Clasico but that’s hardly the point. The start of the century saw some of the big hitters associated with the footballing world enter the fray. While the market saw a rise throughout the Noughties, the explosion in terms of visibility was still on the horizon. Now the industry is huge, with people Winning at online betting in Malaysia, showing it is a worldwide phenomenon.

The names of most of the bigwigs in the betting industry are ones most football fans will be familiar with. With a sizable portion of their revenue coming from online users, it only stands to reason that they focus on their customers through various forms of advertising. Well run social media accounts and innovative campaigns are doing them no harm and as the figures indicate, the online betting industry is showing few signs of slowing down.

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