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Jack Wilson has prepared a video package about Liverpool, and their system of pressing this season.

One of the revelations of this season so far have been Liverpool. Klopp’s entertainers have scored the most goals in the league so far, and sit near the top. Considering the propensity to concede goals too, they are surely the league’s most watchable team; as likely to self destruct, as they are to destroy the opposition.

One of the additional joys of watching them, especially for someone who’s inclined to understand the tactical nuances of the game, is their pressing system. Of course, Klopp brought the G-word along with him when he came to Liverpool, and it created quite a buzz. The early days though, couldn’t see it in full flow, and ‘s a clip analysing it in its rudimentary stages.

However, after a summer of redesigning his team, Klopp seems to have built his Gegenfortress, and his team looks lean, young, and hungry for success. That reflects in the way they have attacked and pressed teams they’ve come up against. The clip below shows, in great detail, their excellent pressing, and systematic trap creation for the opposition. As a defender on the ball, Liverpool do make life difficult for you, and now is your chance to learn just how they do so.

Video courtesy of Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson

Jack has experience of analysing football games from professional to semi - pro level.He has recently been given the opportunity to be an analyst at Dundee United Ladies and is hoping it will develop his analytical skills and general knowledge of the game.Interested in Scottish football.
Jack Wilson

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