Best Fan Moments from 2016-17

A lot of talk recently surrounding fans has centered around how the game of football is drifting away from its roots i.e. the fans. With constantly rising ticket prices, and ever increasing transfer and agents fees, the fans are beginning to feel alienated. Moreover, with the spate of absurd airplane protests, fans haven’t always had a vintage time.

That being said, fans are the life blood of the beautiful game, and football without fans is really nothing. With that in mind, Copa90, ever the enthusiastic supporters of the supporters, have compiled a list of some of the best fan moments from the season that has just passed us by. The team has really outdone itself this time, with a tremendous documentation of some unique celebrations and raw moments on this video.

The video will refresh your memory about some of the better moments from the season, such as the Jurgen Klopp doppelganger being serenaded by Irish fans in a metro train.

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