Bengaluru FC supporters create an atmosphere in the stadium, never seen before in Indian football

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Bengaluru FC Fans Chants 2

Bengaluru FC is the latest club in Indian football. The side have taken the league by storm, not only does the brand new club sit pretty atop the I-League table, but they’re also making huge strides as a club and their fan base. While the club is the most professionally set-up one in the entire league, the fans are arguably the most passionate one’s you’ll find and certainly one that create an atmosphere as good as those seen in European football.

With just six games to go, Bengaluru FC are 4 points clear of second place Pune FC, but the table is so competitively positioned, with 9th place East Bengal having 4 games in hand, winning all would find them 2 points behind Bengaluru FC.

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The game on Saturday was against the defending champions, Churchill Brothers, who were struggling in the league this season despite winning their first ever Federation Cup title. With Bengaluru FC in their debut season, it was the first time the defending champions faced the newcomers in their own backyard. The result was a comfortable 3-0 scoreline to put behind the 3-2 loss against bottom placed Rangdajied United a few days back.

After the fans came under some scrutiny on social media and this very site for their chants during the last game against Mumbai FC, the passionate supporters ensured their chants this time round against Churchill Brothers were clean but louder than ever. It was the first game where the club tried to introduce the “Just Can’t Get Enough” chant made famous in British football, although that particular chant will take some time to set in smoothly.

Read this piece and the discussion that follows in the comments regarding the chants during the Mumbai game.

Robin Singh came on and changed the game, scoring one and setting up another while being involved throughout the game (including a head-butt incident which he and his ‘victim’ received yellows for). The ex-East Bengal striker got the crowd even louder as chants of “Who needs Batman, we have Robin!” played at regular intervals from the stands.

The chant of the day remains the one that mocked the Churchill keeper. Arindam Bhattacharya was always at the end of Bengaluru FC fans’ chants, as the supporters played their part in riling the keeper, forcing him into errors from even goal-kicks. With the score at 2-0, the supporters started a chant “Bhatta yedd goal bitta” in Kannada which basically mocks the fact that Bhatta (Arindam Bhattacharya) conceded twice and when a third went in “Bhatta muur goal bitta” sounded all round the Bangalore Football Stadium.

Sunil Chhetri scored twice and had an incredible work rate, with the supporters making sure this didn’t go unnoticed, the familiar “Sunil Chhetri, he scores when he waaaaannttts, Sunil Chhetri he scores when he wants” was chanted throughout the second half. Each player got his fair share of chants, as the supporters ensured that no one was left out, not even the manager Ashley Westwood.

The happiest with the chanting would be the ex-Reading youngster, Curtis Osano. While he was subject to the regular “Oooooooohh Curtis Osaaanooooo” chants, the Kenyan also received a special Happy Birthday song as he turned 27 on the day of the game against the defending champions.

Namma Ooru! Bengaluru! Who are we? BFC!” chants have been chanted in games as well, but the customary chant that most replicate the traditional ones heard in European football (in particular English football), is the “Oh When the Blues go marching!” chant. The club have begun to be recognised with this chant, with fans attempting to ensure it’s perfect in terms of tune, with a slow start and quick finish. A video of this chant was posted on the Bengaluru FC fan page which you can see below. It’s hard to capture the sheer passion of the supporters in a single video.

With the club and it’s loyal supporters less than a year old, you can expect the chants to only get better, to the point where Bengaluru FC supporters will be widely known as “Ultras”! Can we get a trend going on that one now?

Chants like these, and supporters this passionate and well coordinated are a given in football in Europe, South American, the MLS and even Australia’s A-League. But it is something brand new for Indian football. As one fan stated at the game, the club is making strides on the field, while the supporters, off it.

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Sami Faizullah

Sami Faizullah

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Sami Faizullah
  • richie

    not a rare case in Shillong

  • subir chandra

    have you ever seen east bengal match or mohan bagan match? or kolkata derby? and it’s same last 100 years. I saw some of the bangalore match but surprised bangalore does not have 15,000 people to filled the stadium. where east bengal and mohan bagan filled minimum 18,000 to 20,000 people to their ground in kolkata league and derby 1,000,00 people is minimum. i request you, just be present in one derby then you will see and agree it’s football Mecca.

    • HBK

      just don blabber about derby , in all the BFC match we r actively chanting for the whole 90 min and supporting the team

      • HBK

        and also don be soo much jealous dude

    • samiOOTB

      Well certainly Bengal and Goan clubs have a passionate support as well. But the type of chants (in particular) aren’t common there. BFC fans have been influenced by the chants seen in European football. BFC has always had a strong European football following, just never a proper club to support.

    • bfcfan

      hahha our maximum capacity is 7.5k. every ticket is sold for every match not like in kolktaka where only derby gathers crowd. also the class of crowd matter .. we dont throw bricks at players. give us a 100k capacity stadium we fuckimg fill it up.

    • Abhijeet Dey

      Football mecca my foot!!! India is still below 150 in FIFA rankings (a matter of shame) all thanks to your Kolkata derby. We need I-league to be comparable to English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Bundesliga. All Indian football fans want India to be in the top 10 of FIFA rankings.

  • BFC Fan

    As someone who’s been a regular to the games I can tell you that we actually started the “Just can’t get enough” chant at the Mumbai game. It just didn’t catch on at all and then the ugly chanting started. The Curtis Osano chant is actually “Ooooh oo oo Osanoo” and the Sunil Chhetri one is “He scores when he wants! He scores when he waaaaants! Sunil Chhetri, he scores when he wants!”

    Great article though. Looking forward to reading more about BFC!

  • resonance

    The article could have been titled better , I am sure the Bengal fans are the most fanatic in terms of the Indian football scene given their teams have been around for a long time and the Mohun Bagan – East Bengal rivalry is probably the best known in Indian football. For a new team the support and the turnout is good considering the infancy of the club and size of the stadium.

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  • Kushal K Brahma

    Love the way you guys are passionately supporting your state team… Not only BFC, but the comments section below shows how passionate people from Bengal, Shillong and Goa are.. We need this passion to take Indian football forward.
    A local football fan from Delhi. :)

    • samiOOTB

      Hi Kushal, we too were overwhelmed with the engagement on this piece. Its great for Indian football.

    • Abhijeet Dey

      How I long for Indian football. I am sick of Indian cricket-a sport played by so few nations.

      I also long for Indian hockey. Sports such as these help in team work and good strategy. No wonder we make little progress where team work is involved and do well as individuals. look at the hoo haa over Kohli’s 100th while the Indian football team stinks. Sigh! Will we ever learn?

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  • Jeffry Debnath

    listen up,f*** u bfc fans….ur chants suck just like u faggots. The truth is 2-0 2-0 2-0. U scums cn nvr equal east bengal or mohun bagan. Forza Kolkata Derby!!!