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If you are interested in writing for us, do get in touch, we are always on the lookout for quality writers. Since our inception, we’ve been looking to stand out in the multitude of football websites. It is our firm belief that “Content is King” which means that the quality of writers is tantamount to our success.

There are a wide range of categories for potential writers to choose from.

Tactical Analysis: We believe that match reports are redundant due to the fact that most established media outlets already provide the same service. Additionally, we think that the average football fan is on the lookout for an analysis rather than just the narrative of the game.

Scout Reports: There are few things as exciting as charting the progress of football’s next generation of stars. In our Scout Report feature, we aim to provide a holistic understanding of the player in question. This includes the profile of the player and an extensive Style, Strengths and Weaknesses section which gives the reader a comprehensive insight into the player.

Talent Radar: Sticking to the theme of young players, the Talent Radar section is one of our most acclaimed categories. We aim at keeping readers up to date about both the short term and long term progress of young stars. From our annual list of Top 100 Young Players to Watch out for and league specific lists to weekly player reports and Teams of the Week, this section has something for everyone.

Specials: For the more creatively inclined, this section represents a chance to express yourself and your views on any footballing aspect. A contrast to the more structured articles listed above, this is meant to be free-flowing and present to readers the point of view of the writer. Articles focusing on times past, legendary footballers, nostalgic moments, obscure teams & players, researched data and anything else that can be termed ‘Special’ would fit in here.

Opinions: Here one can express their opinions towards absolutely any topic on the beautiful game. From the latest debate in the footballsphere, to a bias/unbias opinion on your favourite club – just free your mind, speak your heart and let the words flow!

So if you think you can contribute and be a part of the OOTB team, email us at We’ll respond within one week. We are unable to pay all our writers but there is a performance based payment structure in place which every writer is eligible for.

If we fail to respond, drop an email at 

We apologize in advance for any delay in our responses. You can be assured that we read each and every one of our emails.


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