Chile’s Mauricio Pinilla gets a tattoo of his crossbar shot against Brazil

When the World Cup ends, no matter the result, people will remember that Julio Cesar put in a heroic effort that knocked Chile out on penalties and put Brazil through. But millions of Chileans and few others worldwide, will remember that game for the moment that nearly made history. It’ll be a story told by Chileans for generations to come about how they so nearly did the unthinkable and knocked the mighty Brazil out in their own backyard.

Yes, this almost took place. With the clock ticking and just seconds left for a penalty shooutout, Mauricio Pinilla struck a shot that beat Julio Cesar in goal but agonizingly came back of the crossbar. Pinilla was inches away from being a cult-hero back home.

The striker won’t ever forget this, and as a result has gone on two tattoo the moment on his back to remember the time when the scoreline nearly read Brazil 0-1 Chile (Pinilla 120′)

Photos via @conejosanchez23


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