World Cup XI: The most ‘searched’ players on Google

As the World Cups have passed we’ve seen how internet, social media & second-screen content in general has had a growing influence on the football world. Back in 1974 if you’d want to know about the Haiti player who gave his side the lead against Italy, you’d have to wait a fairly long time, but now in 2014 a quick search will give you the entire history of relative unknowns ranging from details of their football career to their child-hood sweetheart.

Keeping this in mind, Google has published a special World Cup XI (positionally accurate) showing the most searched players on it’s search engine. While plenty of the usual suspects are there, the popularity of Uchida & Ochoa in their respective home countries is certainly evident in the results. USA’s German Jurgen Klinsmann leads this squad which Google has aptly named the “Search Dream Team”.

Image via | @Google



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