Top 3: Rodrigo Palacio’s hair goes Viral, with some alterations

Every four years the World Cup takes place, every four years heroes are born, disappointments occur, darkhorses emerge, and that incredible goal always catches our imagination. And every four years there is that one standout player who more often than not, gets popular purely because of his barber’s decisions. We’ve had weird hairstyles in the past, Carlos Valderrama back in 1994, and Ronaldo more recently in 2002 have had particularly conspicuous hair-styles.

Apparently in 2014, Rodrigo Palacio is taking the cake. Now the Argentine has always had this weird rat-tail/bald hair style combination but it’s particularly getting popular this World Cup with TV broadcasters opting to show a slow motion zoomed in version of his rat-tail flowing.

This obviously prompted plenty of fans on Twitter to take advantage with alterations which has resulted in Palacio not going viral for his football skills, but rather his hair. So here are three of the best editing jobs done on Palacio’s hair. Note that we aren’t sure exactly where these emerged, but we have mentioned from where they popped up on our timeline.

3) Tarzan of the Apes!

Photo via | @InterPrimavera on Twitter

PalaciosHair3 @InterPrimavera

2) You’re friendly neighborhood Spiderman!

Photo via | @cad2976 on Twitter

PalaciosHair1 @cad2976

1) Palacios came in like a wrecking ball!

Photo via | @SundayChants on Twitter

PalaciosHair2 @SundayChants



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