Buffon vs Reus: Head-to-Head interview

Viral Blog

Puma have recently come up with an interesting head-to-head interview concept, pitting two opposing players against one another ahead of their crucial Champions League ties. Marco Verratti and Cesc Fabregas kicked it off last week, and with the mouth-watering Juventus-Dortmund clash coming up, Gianluigi Buffon and Marco Reus faced off in a shorter rapid fire.

With big brands having multiple clients from the same industry, Puma have done well to leverage that and time it right, having expanded their football client-base in the recent past. A simple concept, but one that has surprisingly rarely been implemented.

If we were being critical of this particular interview though, it clearly wasn’t as natural and amusing as the Verratti-Fabregas one. Nevertheless, full-marks to Puma for the concept, once again.

Video uploaded originally on Puma’s official YouTube channel