VIDEO: Copenhagen Derby

Viral Blog

Derby games are special, irrespective of the place, time or scenario. These matches revolve around the emotions attached to football and its rippled effects travel far beyond the walls of the stadium. Last week on Outside of the Boot, we posted a video as a part of this very ‘Viral Blog’ that took us to Switzerland for the Zuricher Derby between FC Zurich and the Grasshopper Club. This week, we shift location to Denmark, home of the Superliga and bring with us a video on the Copenhagen Derby.

The Copenhagen Derby features FC Kobenhavn Denmark’s most successful club and also the highest ranked Scandinavian club by the UEFA team rankings list and Brondby IF, Denmark’s largest football club located on the western outskirts of Copenhagen. The 6th of April sees one such very derby set to entertain us but for the moment, we take you back to relive the last Copenhaden Derby that happened on the 8th of March, where FC Kobenhavn ran away with the three points courtesy of a 3-1 scoreline.

The video starts of with a first person camera giving you a view of the two teams even before the walk through the tunnel. It’s footage like this that helps fans live what it is like to be in the skin of the very players they worship. The mesmerising feeling of walking on the the pitch surrounded by thousands and thousands of passionate fans, the numerous flares that are lit at one end of the pitch covering the entire breadth of the field, the smoke rising from the stadium, the clock ticking away; it’s one of those moments you have to be there to feel it. The video is cherry topped with a 90th minute goal from academy graduate, Thomas Delaney for the home side.

The video was originally posted by FC Kobenhavn’s YouTube Channel.