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The domination of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, one replicated by the Clasico duo in Spain, and more recently seen from the likes of Juventus/Chelsea in their respective leagues, is something that football fans will need to get used to for the foreseeable future.

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Though Bayern Munich’s domination and the duopoly Real Madrid & Barcelona hold is far more greater than some of the other teams, when it comes to title wins and title challenges, football has a bleak future in terms of change. A more monotonous and predictable script should be expected, with little excitement and a case of ‘more of the same’.

The introduction of Financial Fair Play, which in it’s very name suggests a more level playing field in the beautiful game, has instead created a situation where the rich get richer and the dominating teams maintain their stronghold. So while clubs in the past have sprung surprises with magical title challenges and Champions Leagues runs, the chances of that occurring again are highly unlikely.

Though a system like FFP was required to further organize the sport financially, any hindrance to it’s competitiveness does not bode well for the future of the game, in the longer term.

Predicting football season’s isn’t quite that simple, though it’s also unlikely that one could make a prediction that doesn’t turn out to be closer to the truth. Such is the state of the sport, that the next decade and beyond will continue to feature the same teams at the top (with no Manchester City/PSG like rise either), and an even lesser opportunity for underdogs to surprise (like Porto) in the past.

This video by KICKTV gives a simple explanation as to why this is the case.


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