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The Football Courtroom: Does Suarez owe Liverpool another season?


The Football Courtroom: Does Suarez owe Liverpool another season?

The Football Courtroom

Our brand new feature, “The Football Courtroom”, gives each and everyone of you the opportunity to contribute your views and opinions on relevant matters every week. All you need to do is email your opinion on the topics we pose to info[@]outsideoftheboot[.]com

The Football Courtroom: Does Suarez owe Liverpool another season?

The way I see this whole Suarez situation is, yes, he does owe us another season. He has dragged the name of LFC into the gutter multiple times through his own stupid actions, yet we stood by him. Not only because he’s an incredible player, but because when he’s not being a complete tool he’s actually a likable guy.

The way he has said that he hasn’t been supported enough and he’s sick of the media slating him constantly is ridiculous, the club and the supporters have done nothing BUT support him, also the main reason the press are constantly at him is because of his own stupid actions to begin with! If he owned up to his mistakes and said it’s his own fault then I would feel less annoyed with the whole thing, but because we have stood by him and now all of a sudden he wants to leave, I think we should look out for the biggest offer and let him go. He owes us big time, but we won’t get it from him. If he stays I doubt it will be through his own choice.

Suppose we will have to wait and see though, right?

Stuart Hannon | Twitter: @StuartHannon11


It’s entirely Suarez’s fault, if you act how he acts you must expect media scrutiny. He’s had time to learn how the British press work, yet he still complains when they focus on the ridiculous things he does. Great player, though. Match winners like Suarez are close to impossible to replace. At least they now have Coutinho and Sturridge, other in form attackers to partially fill the void Suarez will leave. Another striker is probably needed though, wingers and playmakers won’t suffice.

Alex Poiton | Twitter: @ChapsTalkFBall | Website:


Luis Suarez, Striker, Liverpool FC. One of the most exciting Forwards of his generation, he can create magic when he has the Ball at his feet. Bought from Ajax for £22.7m in the January of 2011, He set the Premier League alight Last season amassing 30 goals in 44 appearances for Liverpool.

Suarez has been a controversial figure, from blocking the ball with his hand in the 2010 World Cup, To racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra and then refusing to shake his hand at the Return fixture at Old Trafford, to biting players. He seems to have done it all. Not quite, the only thing that was missing was a long and extended Transfer saga, which he might just manage to do with his latest comments in an Uruguayan Interview.

Suarez is a player who is in his prime, and one could argue that with his skill he deserves to play in the Champions League. I don’t think Suarez should stay at Liverpool because the club has supported him through all his mischievous endeavors, because the Club knows they have a world class player. And we know how ruthless clubs can be to players when they are of no use any more. If he had come out and said he wanted to leave because he wanted to play Champions League Football, I think Liverpool fans would have supported him with it. They would have understood. But blaming the media is out right stupid. He says the media always targets him, well if you go around biting people what do you expect? You go to any league in the world, if a player behaves the way Suarez has he is bound to get a lot of criticism. In reality he could have made life much easier for himself if he had not behaved like the way he has in the past 2 years, biting Ivanovic, racially abusing Evra and then the handshake saga. All of them could have been avoided had Suarez used his god given brain. Not to mention the amount of embarrassment he could have saved for a club of Liverpool’s stature.

Personally I think Liverpool should talk to the Uruguayan, if he has his heart set on a move then maybe sell him for a good amount of cash early in the transfer season and try to avoid a long stressful heart ache, for both the club and its Ffns. It might also free up some cash for the club to invest back into the squad, and maybe help them make a genuine push into Champions League contention. I don’t see Suarez staying, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long transfer window.

Rohan Shetty | Twitter: @RohanRETRI


He doesn’t owe us anything, we bought him from Ajax when he had issues there, we took advantage of that situation, do we think he owes something to Ajax? i don’t think so. Why don’t we just have more proficient owners throughout these 20 years with no epl titles? I don’t think that just one player can guarantee titles; it’s all related to the team, a strong enough team, that also has depth, remember 2009? we had it all, but a depth squad; whenever one big player wasn’t on the pitch the whole team felt it. I think Suarez has to do what’s best for him, whether if he goes or stays, it’ll be ok.

Now, talking about debts you say, don’t Liverpool owe an epl title to Gerrard?

Diego Felipe


I believe that Luis Suarez owes nobody nothing. He has given Liverpool 2 an a half exceptional years. This a world class player that played alongside some very average if not poor team mates, yet he seems to be the most grateful person on the pitch. The Zenit game tipped it for me. Suarez is a better player than the Europa League and he was more gutted than anyone when we got knocked out. Liverpool have done no more than any other club would have done when it comes to the incidents.  Liverpool will double their money on this guy and we’ll still have the memories of the Newcastle,  Sunderland and Norwich goals and who will forget the assist for kuyt against Manchester United.

Wayne Baker | Twitter: @baker_wb


I don’t think so. Though he’s still got time on his contract , once a player loses his interest in staying at a club there’s absolutely no point in keeping him. The lure of Champions League football and Real Madrid was just too much to handle I guess. As a Liverpool fan, I’d be delighted if he stays but of his own free will. As to weather he owes us another season, i’d say no. He arrived at Anfield, did his job of scoring goals (quite well at that), stirred up a controversy here and there, and is now looking for greener pastures. Its what any footballer would do (minus the controversies obviously). That doesn’t mean he has to stay at the club for longer than he likes. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. I wish him well at Madrid (if he does goes there) and hope we can obtain a striker of his class (maybe even better). But I’m pretty sure no one will ever forget the player who wore the no.7  jersey so well after king Kenny. Luis Alberto Suarez, you shall be missed.

Varun Vasudev | Twitter: @VarunVicky93



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