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OFFICIAL TRAILER: “United Passions”, a move on the formation of FIFA, the World Cup and more

Coming to a theater near you, a film starring Tim Roth (as a young Sepp Blatter), Gerard Depardieu as the creator of the FIFA World Cup, Jules Rimet and Sam Neill as Blatter’s predecessor Joao Havelange. Now the film, titled “United Passions”, has received quite some criticism on Social Media for it’s portrayal of the trio, Sepp Blatter in particular.

The Guardian has stated: “The film cost a reported £19m to make, with Fifa said to have pumped £16m into the project, and flatteringly portrays Blatter, Rimet and Havelange as visionaries and icons of the global game. Blatter himself was reported to have tweaked the script.”

Now these remain as unconfirmed reports, but the possibility that the above is true, is quite high. Now we aren’t going to level any criticism without having seen the film first. But based on the trailer, we don’t feel forced to provide any negative criticism. Honestly, the film looks exciting. How often do you get to see the inner workings of FIFA, it’s administration, corruption, formation of the World Cup and so on.

We’ll let you judge for yourself. Have a look…


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