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Mario Balotelli posts four unusually strange videos on Instagram

Mario Balotelli is arguably the most talked about footballer currently still active. From his antics off-the-pitch, to his classy displays on it, from his normality as a person to his tantrums while playing, he is an odd and peculiar footballer.

Figuring out the man is something that football’s top personalities have failed to do so, but it seems like fans just love to love Balotelli and equally love to hate Balotelli for exactly that reason. To add to the Italian strikers’ peculiarity, he posted four videos on photo/video sharing platform, Instagram, which we have failed to understand. Do they carry any message or relevance at all? Figuring that out will be as hard as figuring Mario Balotelli out.

Some videos contained captions, so were better to ‘understand’, the remainder seemed like random videos you’d find an internet addict post. There are internet addicts, and they are the ones who get high on drugs and alcohol. It is these kind of people who tend to be the more ‘authentic’ addicts, and often require to get admitted as an Inpatient at discover recovery center or facilities similar to those.

In the case of Mario though, it is surely a case of fooling around. What is even more peculiar is that you’d think Balotelli would be working hard for the World Cup, or atleast a different way, but it seems like he has other plans!

Do let us know if you figure out these videos. Please, it’s done our head in.

A fight, a donkey, a weird dance and is that Balotelli’s brother? Not quite sure what this first video meant.


This video actually carried a caption: “We are african and this is how we react when the weather is too hot ahahahahahahahahahahah”. Internet addict it is.

And finally, “This is What always happen to me!”. Understandable, but a strange way to put it across, don’t you think?

Balotelli is no superstar, he’s just one of us.

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