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VIDEO: Frank Lampard’s first interview as a Manchester City player

It’s still all a bit strange isn’t it? Frank Lampard isn’t with Chelsea anymore, after having spent 13 years at the club. He is still though, a Premier League player. After his move to newly formed MLS club New York City was confirmed, rumours emerged of a possible loan move to defending Premier League champions, Manchester City. Social media was rife with opinions & anger (usually anger, from Chelsea fans).

The move did materialize and Lampard is now indeed a Sky Blue (ouch!). He’s given his first interview as the club’s new player, and mentions just how strange that is. Lampard ofcourse is joining the club only temporarily as his parent club (whose parent club is Manchester City) are still a few months off from playing a competitive game.

Now football fans all over, are still quite surprised at this move having taken place, it’s not something you’d expect. This surprise is perfectly summed up by the look on Lampard’s face as he gives his interview:

Lampard City Interview

Has anyone bothered getting Frank up to speed with what’s happening? He does seem quite stunned at what has transpired in his career. “Wasn’t I just in New York?”; “Didn’t I say Chelsea or no other Premier League club?”.

This sort of loan move from one of Manchester City’s clubs (yes one, they have four), is not new. Earlier, New York City had signed David Villa and then loaned him out to another Man City club, Melbourne City. I wonder what Villa thinks of Lampard’s move; Lampard, leaves club that finished 3rd in England, joins New York and goes on loan to English champions Man City. David Villa leaves Spanish champions Atletico, joins New York City, and earns a loan move to Melbourne City, who erm, finished bottom of the A-League.

Anyway, we actually think David Villa’s move could be so much more important for the general good of the beautiful game, but that’s for another day. Here’s Lampard first Manchester City interview.



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