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Pepe Reina’s first interview as a Bayern player. What was he really thinking?

It’s tough being a back-up goalkeeper, you rarely ever get a chance at first-team football and the rare opportunity you do, it’s when the first-choice gets injured (and that hardly ever happens). What’s more difficult than being a back-up goalkeeper? Well it’s being back-up to Manuel Neuer, arguably the greatest keeper in World football among those currently active, at one of the greatest clubs in the modern day. Neuer in Bayern’s starting XI is as secure an option as you’re going to get.

The German club announced Pepe Reina as their latest recruit, with the Spaniard expected to play back-up to Neuer, after joining from Liverpool. Though for large parts of this interview, it seemed like Reina thought he would be the first choice at the defending Bundesliga champions.

The interview goes normally, as dull as anyone interview of a new signings is. “It’s great to be here; I want to win; historical club..”, same old. That’s until Pepe Reina is told by the interview that Guardiola will almost always play Neuer as first choice, that Reina will have to sit on the bench (like he does for Spain). And so it begins:

– Reina reacts upon learning who the other keeper is at Bayern Munich

Reina 1

– “You’re joking right?!” he asks

Reina 2

– “No” comes the reply “It is World Cup winner Manuel Neuer”

Reality sets it.

Reina 3


– “Really? Manuel Neuer? THE Manuel Neuer?!

Reina 4


Reina 5

That’s not quite how the interview went, the original (seen below) was just another dull footballing interview. Nothing exciting, nothing fun, nothing of note. These footballers really are dull characters off-the-field, or rather more appropriately, we need interviewers to spice up these things!


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