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Supposed Liverpool fan Samuel L. Jackson refused to call Arsenal the club he supports

There was some talk on Twitter of how Mesut Ozil claimed Samuel L. Jackson was an Arsenal fan, before it was pointed out that he actually supports Liverpool and the German World Cup star was then forced into deleting it. This here is an addition to that original story.

The Hollywood actor was at the Emirates with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton for the game against Manchester City. He was interviewed by Arsenal’s YouTube channel post-match, where they asked him about his experience before spouting the golden question of the club he supports.

Now it has been well documented that Samuel L. Jackson grew an interest in Liverpool while shooting for a movie there, while also supposedly celebrating the side’s 5-1 win over Arsenal. He was however, placed on the spot when asked the question, knowing full well that any answer that isn’t Arsenal wouldn’t go down well and prove to be a bit of an awkward situation for the interviewer as well.

And Arsenal wasn’t the answer, Jackson’s first response was a diplomatic “Atalanta Falcons”, a team that plays football with an egg shaped ball. That should have pretty much been the cue that he isn’t going to say Arsenal, but when pressed again with a “So your Soccer team is Arsenal?”, Jackson further tried to dodge the question. Now we don’t know exactly what his final answer was as this video was edited before publish, but the interviewer really needs to be told not to try that hard.

For what it’s worth though, Samuel L. Jackson seemed to be supporting the Gunners on that day atleast.



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