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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 demo trailer released, and it’s pretty neat!

In the week where gamers were still basking in the FIFA15 glory or searching up mame roms pack in order to find that old Tecmo soccer game, the gift that keeps on giving has also now tempted them with the option of PES15. For years the two have been competing and while one triumph with licenses, many admirers suggests the other wins in the graphics department.

Konami released the demo trailer of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, featuring many top stars and a particular liking for the young man who scored the 2014 World Cup-winning goal, Mario Gotze. The game will be available on multiple different platforms with compatibility for older consoles as well. Consoles include Playstations 3 & 4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One.

Players of PC games will be glad to know PES15 is coming to windows, but Nintendo fans seem to be receiving the cold shoulder. The game has not been announced for Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U consoles yet, though that may change as the game develops. Many people on Xbox have been looking with excitement at the game’s online features. Many want to know how to lower ping on xbox before the launch date comes so they can have the most buttery smooth games possible on that big day.

So how does the demo play? Well, we aren’t experts in the video game departments, so we won’t draw any conclusions or comparisons, but PES15 certainly does look neat indeed.

So any video game enthusiasts out there, you have some choices to make. Our only advice (or rather, a request): please don’t form any conclusions about player abilities and potential in the real world based on your experiences in these video games. It really can be quite annoying when some of you do that! Those kinds of comparisons are best left to when play games for real money, mainly because the real-world influence then becomes mighty prevalent on a player’s ability to win and/or be competitive against a human opponent in a video or mobile game.

Enough talk! Here are some screen grabs from the video as you wait for the video above to buffer.





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