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New Talent Radar feature: The 10 Young Stars of 2015 — FAQs

Under our Talent Radar banner, we constantly strive to document and highlight the progress of the younger stars of the beautiful game, before they progress into household names. Our latest initiative within the burgeoning Talent Radar section is the introduction of #The10 feature.

The 10 Long Image Two

This annual feature champions the combination of youth & diversity, as we look to reward 10 of the best young stars across 10 primary pillars.

What are the 10 pillars? Six of these are based on regional recognition, looking at the standout performers across FIFA’s six confederations. Another pillar sees us venture into the world of analytics as we rely on the expertise of our partners, GSN, and their statistical index that rates footballers to pick players that look good on paper as well as on the pitch. The Teenager pillar ensures that at least one break-out star is included in the feature while we also ensure one Goalkeeper is named as part of the 10. The final pillar is reserved as a Talent Radar Wildcard pick, as we name a player who we feel was unlucky to miss out in any of the above categories and deserves a spot in this elite group of young players.

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • GSN Index
  • Teenager
  • Goalkeeper
  • Talent Radar Wildcard

But this doesn’t necessarily list out the 10 best individual young performers, does it? Strictly speaking, no it doesn’t. The 10 players selected here are arguably not the 10 best young footballers the world has seen in 2015, but the purpose of this feature is to ensure a diverse range of individuals are promoted who otherwise wouldn’t have been recognised.

So who is eligible for this feature? All players 21-years-old and below on January 1st 2015 are eligible for the 10 Young Stars of 2015 feature. While the eligibility for the Teenager pillar requires the individual to be 18-years-old and below on January 1st 2015.

And on what basis have the players been selected? All players who are eligible for each specific pillar are selected based on their performances across the calendar year of 2015. We have consulted experts to ensure the deserving individuals are recognised.

So when can we read these articles? All pieces under this feature will be published between December 1st and December 9th.

Will all 10 be revealed in one article? Nope. We will have 10 different articles for each of these players as we aren’t looking to just list out players, but also educate readers and provide knowledge on the players that we have selected.

Okay fine, but what exactly is Talent Radar? Talent Radar is a feature on OOTB which was introduced in 2013 after the success of our detailed Scout Reports. We have various features and types of articles under the Talent Radar banner, to track, promote and recognise the best performing youngsters.

Lastly, where can I find the final list? Right here my friend, enjoy!

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