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Viral: Top 10 Highest Earning Footballers

Viral Blog

Football clubs have becoming increasingly comfortable shelling out millions each year on wages. Are the numbers justifiable? According to their business models, one can argue that these pay cheques work out to be expensive yet profitable investments for the club but the sheer absurdity of the numbers involved really makes us plebeians question this process/concept.

Honestly, the most important question that could come into anybody’s mind after looking at the high-paying footballers is whether they really pay the required amount of tax. It is not a surprise that the football clubs get funded by the taxpayers’ money, so it might be expected that they opt for tax resolution services. Truthfully, this is a sensitive topic. Everyone across the globe expects these footballers and the clubs who are considered highly-paid entertainment providers to pay their share of tax. The fact is that if even one person does not pay his tax, all other taxpayers may have to pay the same amount. If the same is done by football clubs, then it would break the hearts of millions across the globe who consider sports, especially football, to be an important part of their personal fulfilment. The truth is that the topic of tax is just one of the many questions that might cross the minds of critics around the world. But for now, we will not really go into judging our football favorites.

Moreover, we will also exclude the topic that these talented folks also have a second source of income –endorsement and advertisement deals — which are again tied to the ordinary taxpayers. For now, we will just classify the richest ones and leave the discussion of tax. That said, our friends at Football Daily have created a list of the top 10 highest-earning footballers exclusively in terms of wages they receive from their respective clubs. While the usual suspects are expected, there may be a couple of names that should really be performing on the pitch to validate their payrolls.

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