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Does Wayne Rooney Really Still Buy a Lottery Ticket Every Week?

A net worth of around £80 million and weekly wage of £260,000 haven’t deterred Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney from trying his luck in the weekly national lottery draw according to sources close to the player. He could even be going online to check out the sorteos (raffles) results with the lottery in case he missed it live.

It is claimed that a friend of Rooney goes out and buys the weekly ticket for him, despite his massive wealth. As it is only £2 per ticket, it is clearly an expense the striker can afford to make, even if a big win might necessarily add much to wealth! According to his source, he frequently keeps an eye on national lotteries as well as their toplist as a way to keep up with news about the biggest lotteries jackpots, hoping to win one day.

The source claims that Rooney’s working class background still makes the allure of winning big in the lottery massive. “He never buys the tickets himself, but he gets mates to buy them for him. It’s quite funny when you think how rich he is, but I guess it proves that no matter how well you’re doing, someone else is always doing better.” The source is quoted to claim. Maybe Roonie also has a go with Cara Daftar Sbobet from time to time, considering his lotto habits.

Should he be more informed, Rooney could actually buy his lottery tickets online using theLotter’s services, entering the world’s biggest lotto draws without having to ask for favours from his mates, there are many lotteries he could have entered online with websites abundant such as LottoGo.

Rooney certainly isn’t the first super-wealthy player of the lottery. Music mogul Simon Cowell is another high profile name that is known to play the weekly lotto draw even though his net worth is $550million!

There are many famous celebrities that have been recognised as players of the massive Mega-Millions draw in the United States. Considering the eye-watering sums that have been won in previous jackpots, it should come as little surprise that the already rich and famous want a slice of the pie!

Chris Singleton, a basketball player, famously admitted to spending $100,000 on tickets for the $650 million jackpot that was available in 2012. Fellow sportsman Matt Kemp, a baseball star, also admitted to buying tickets too (even after signing a contract worth $160 million!), as did musician John Legend’s wife Christine Teigen, who also happened to be a supermodel!

Madonna, George Clooney, Paris Hilton, and Elizabeth Hurley are other notable names that have tried their hands a various lotteries, although some have claimed they would donate it all to charity should they have snagged the jackpot – Madonna actually won €120,000 and donated towards the construction of schools in Malawi.

So it remains to be seen what Rooney would do with his winnings should he strike it lucky, but he wouldn’t be the first professional footballer to win the National Lottery. That claim belongs to former Chelsea player Terry Bradbury.

The well-travelled defender played along the likes of Terry Venables at Chelsea, as well as enjoying spells at Wrexham, Southend United, and Leyton Orient. His career spanned close to two decades, with Bradbury retiring in 1973.

It took a little while longer for him to win big in the lottery, as he was the ripe age of 75 when he and his wife turned out to be lucky winners of £5.5 million! Having won big thanks to lucky dip ticket where the numbers are randomly selected, Bradbury revealed that he would still be buying his weekly ticket despite his newfound wealth.

“We will definitely be continuing to play Lotto – and will probably stick with Lucky Dips too.”

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