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Infographic: Where are the Largest Stadiums in the World Located?

Football fans must have wondered at one time or another, where the biggest football stadiums in the world can be found. To venture a guess, one must first consider where the game is most popular. Some of the countries that would surface are Argentina, Brazil, and Chile in South America. Spain, England, France, and Italy would be the most likely suspects in Europe. Malia, Zambia, and South Africa in the African continent would be the most enthusiastic about the sport. In North America, Mexico is probably where the sport is most celebrated. Though gaining popularity, football is not played in many parts of Asia. The image below from Mighty Goods shows the twenty largest stadiums in the world. Were any of your guesses right?


It may be very surprising to some to note the top contenders on the list. North Korea holds the record for the largest stadium in the world. It is capable of hosting 150,000 football fans. Almost as astounding, is the runner up to the winner. Kolkata, India is home to the second biggest football arena. The mammoth stadium can hold 120,000 people. A little easier to believe is Mexico which claims the third position with an arena that is large enough for 105,000 people.

As expected, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain make an appearance on the list. Of course they are considerably lower down in the rankings. In Asia, there are gigantic arenas in Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Iraq and Iran in the Middle East are also hosts to these considerable stadiums. There are also arenas in Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa. In the Americas, with the exception of the one in Mexico, there are only two mammoth stadiums. There is also a ground in Australia. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’d all love to be able score some awesome hospitality seats through somewhere like DTBSports at any of these amazing arenas.

Almost as startling as the placements, is the sheer size of these arenas. The smallest stadium on the ranking can be found in Iraq. Though diminutive compared to its companions on the list, this arena can still boast a space large enough to hold 80,000 people! It is an exciting thought to think of all those fans gathered in one place, cheering their teams on.


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