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Tactics Creator

Scroll down for Instructions on how to use the Tactics Creator App.

This app was made by Yasumasa Yaguchi and can also be viewed at

This app is also available for android devices. Click to view the free version and pro version.

Make sure you give credit with a link whenever you use Tactics Creator.


This app is rather simple and extremely easy to use and proves to be a quick way of getting across your team’s tactics in the form of an image.


You are first provided with an empty field. The field option gives you various forms of fields you want to make your tactics on. The default field is the standard green field. You have the option of making your tactics on a green field, a futsal field and two styles of the American football fields.


The layout gives you the option to have the field’s orientation either vertically or horizontally. Depending you what suits your comfort, take your pick. You’re given a left-right and right-left option for the horizontal orientation.


Depending on which part of the football field you want to focus on, you can pick from the options under the ‘Size’. The options let you focus on the top half, middle half, bottom half, attacking third, middle third and defensive third of the pitch or the default full length pitch.


This feature is what you will use the most. The ‘Marker’ helps you place your players on the pitch. Select marker and click anywhere on the image of the field. Your markers can be coloured as you wish, and you can name your players as well as provide them with numbers, different shapes as markers, and adjust the transparency. The ‘Move’ option helps you move any of the mode options at any point of time from anywhere to anywhere on the pitch. To make your tactics and get them across visually, you can use the help of lines, curves, circles, polygons, rectangles, free hand and texts. The column to the right of the field lets you choose your preferred colour of lines, circles, etc. as well as their thickness.


To make your lines, markers, text, etc. visible or invisible at any time, check/uncheck the respective boxes.


Here, you can modify your player names/numbers, move them up/down the list and even remove players. The ‘Turn’ feature re-orients the players to the other side of the field i.e. shooting the other way.

The field can be cleared up at your will with the help of the ‘Reset Board’ button. Your image can be saved in the resolution of your choice and saved as a JPG or PNG image. Once you have created your tactics, you can share them with anyone.

Go ahead, knock yourself out.

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