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What is Talent Radar?


World class players are the biggest money spinners in the World of football. The likes of Ronaldo and Messi have a cult following as demonstrated by the increasingly tedious debate on who’s the better player. They are the type of players fans pay good money to watch. They regularly produce awe-inspiring moments of skill which make you rub your eyes vigorously, moments of magic which makes your jaw drop in a similar manner to that of a teenage boy laying eyes on Megan Fox for the 1st time. And yet they aren’t the players that excite us the most.

Think it’s safe to say that we at OOTB like them young (no not in that way!). The process of unearthing the next young player and tracking their progress for club and country both is curiously invigorating. And when do they become more of a household name, we’re only too eager to say “I told you so”.

For regular readers, our obsession with the stars of tomorrow is hardly news. Our emphasis on youngsters can be best seen in the following categories:

And if all this wasn’t enough, we’re excited to unveil our newest feature- #TalentRadar.

It is, as the name suggests, related to the best young talents in football. We will try to comprehensively cover all the bright young stars in the game and chart their progress. To achieve this, we’ve decided to adopt a multi-faceted approach:

  • A list of the Best Under-20 Players to watch out for in 2014 across the three primary positions
  • Compile regular Reports on the Performances of Young Talents
  • Provide Tactical Player Reports of players much like we did in last summer’s U-21 Euros
  • Keep you Up to Date on everything related to the potential stars of tomorrow
  • And a regular Talent Radar Team of the Week

So join as we embark on yet another journey of talent hunting. If they have a chance of making a mark in the beautiful game, you can bet on the fact that they’re well and truly on our #TalentRadar.

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