Which moment from the Brazil – Chile game was most talked about? Twitter reveals this and more

As Brazil defeated Chile on penalties in one of the most exciting finishes to a World Cup match yet, conversations were going on on Twitter with some valuable data being revealed. The penalty shoot-out was ofcourse the main talking point with everyone joining in to tweet, but there was a significant rise during this period compared to the rest of the game. Twitter has created this map and some other insightful images in association with CartonDB to reveal this data.

Gonzalo Jara will have to live with the nightmare of being the player who missed the crucial penalty that sent Chile out of the World Cup. He wasn’t solely to blame, but he will be. The fact that this was the most talked about event on Twitter certainly won’t help the defender.

An incredible 16.4 million Tweets were sent out during this match with a lot of talking points. The main men for their respective sides, Neymar & Alexis Sanchez, were the most talked about players while Julio Cesar’s popularity would have grown with his shootout saves. Substitute Mauricio Pinilla was also widely discussed after he nearly won it for Chile with almost the last kick of extra-time, before going on to miss his penalty as well.


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