Liverpool owner John Henry engages in some Marco Reus banter

If you’re a supporter of Liverpool (or Arsenal, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and a few others), good chance that Marco Reus was named as a potential transfer target atleast four times for your club. None of those moves materialised, and Reus is still very much at Borussia Dortmund, even being named co-vice-captain.

But with all the rumours settled and actual football in flow (thankfully), John W Henry who owns Liverpool Football Club alongwith the Boston Red Sox, engaged in some banter tweeting out a message about Marco Reus. Now it may just be banter, or a possible case of Twitter account being hacked, but it has sent a bit of a viral uproar, with some naive fans being excited and angered, but most realising the humour involved in it.

Good one John.


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