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Jasper on the (Game of) Throne


The best memes of “Jasper Cillessen Sits On Things”

One day before the biggest game in World football, we had what has been dubbed as the most pointless game at the World Cup with Netherlands taking on Brazil to determine the 3rd best team in the tournament, and consequently the 4th. While many have called for this fixture to be ended, FIFA have insisted on it continuing on and continue it did. Brazil were once again humiliated, albeit to a much lesser degree, losing 3-0 to the Netherlands. But during the course of the game, a small incident took place.

Jasper Cillessen happened to rest against the goal-post in a “sitting” posture which proved to be a tempting target for Twitter. This obviously prompted the internet generation to come up with their own set of memes! Here are some of the best picks.

Click on each image for larger view. All these images were made by Twitter users, but given it’s virality, it’s hard to determine where exactly it originated.


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