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Raheem Sterling pokes fun at his “kids” jokes

Raheem Sterling is one of the most supremely talented footballers in the game, and one with an incredible potential for the coming years. You’d imagine that football enthusiasts want to know more about Sterling, they’d ofcourse Google him. What would they look for? Sterling’s goals? His skills? Videos of his pace? His dribbling? His surprising strength?

Nope. Google Search results will reveal to you that the most popular searches of Raheem Sterling are 1) religion (owing to his first name), and 2) kids.

Sterling Search

Yes, a popular search of this 19-yr-old is with regards to his kids (as seen above), and just how many he has. Going as far back to last summer (before Sterling was being regarded as one of the best young talents), all the talk was about how many kids Sterling has. Rumours started spreading with many claiming that the then 18-year-old had eight kids (yes, 8 kids for an 18-yr-old, that’s a lot of….). If this were true, it must be a nightmare when he’s trying to sit them down to watch one of those really educational sing-along songs that can be found on YouTube.

None of those rumours were true ofcourse. Raheem Sterling has just the one kid (even that’s strange given he’s still a teenager and became a father at 17). But the Liverpool man has seen the funny side of this story, tweeting out a picture of his little daughter with a special message attached. Fair play Daddy Sterling, fair play.

“All my 8 kids in one pic.. oh god do I love them all” he tweeted, along with this image below:




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